REKK | 4 Benefits of Audio Transcription Software vs. Audio Translation Services

4 Benefits of Audio Transcription Software vs. Audio Translation Services

4 Benefits of Audio Transcription Software vs. Audio Translation Services

As more companies expand remotely and globally, efficient global communication with personnel and customers has become necessary. Although it is simple to target diverse markets online with products and services, engaging them and speaking their language is a different story.

Audio and video remain popular as the primary marketing and training tools for brands with global workforces. Those tasked with these responsibilities can utilize technologies to modify their audio to be more relevant in specific markets. In addition, tools can assist professionals in localizing their material to efficiently reach specific target audiences and guarantee that their message connects with them.

For companies to recognize which solutions need to use their audio content better, it is important to understand the difference between translate vs transcribe and the software's features.

Benefits of Automated Transcription Service

Automated transcription solutions are those that transcribe audio recordings using the software. This service is typically more efficient and accurate than manual transcribing services. It is also less expensive, making it a popular option among corporations.

According to Statista, approximately 64% of surveyed specialists in the fields of market research and e-Learning used automated transcription solutions in 2020.

Below are the other benefits that audio transcription software offers.

1. Spend Less Time and Effort to Record Every Detail

The best audio transcription software allows you to transcribe a file in minutes instead of hours or even days. You may need to listen to or watch the same audio multiple times to catch a small but crucial element, but if you have a transcription tool, all the text or information will be in front of you.

The software enables you to annotate the audio using an intelligent text editor on which you can select any phrase or sentence to hear the corresponding audio segment. The "search with keywords" option, which is not available with ordinary audio/video files, is an additional essential utility. Transcription software provides all of these capabilities for ten to twenty times less cost than human transcribers.

2. Helpful with Disabled Individuals

The shortage of accessible websites is just one factor contributing to the shortage of content available, regardless of their handicap or lack thereof. According to Applause's State of Digital Quality in 2022, just 30.30% of businesses polled met WCAG 2.1 website accessibility guidelines.

Transcribing audio to text can be beneficial for persons who are deaf or have other circumstances that necessitate this software to enhance their experience and involvement.

3. Repurpose Your Content Easily

Continuous content creation is required for companies and brands who want to be relevant online. Considering the number of online competitors, brands must distinguish themselves from the competition.

Uniqueness requires innovation and a substantial amount of resources. Although audio and other rich media types can capture the audience's interest, they merely scrape the surface. Within this lies the value provided by speech-to-text apps. Translation solutions can convert audio recordings into website pages, eBooks, and infographics, among other formats.

4. Better SEO Result

Search engine optimization is the process of generating website content that appears in search engine results. This procedure ensures that your website appears in search results for specific key terms.

You can effortlessly convert audio to text with the help of audio transcription online. These solutions can help you convert your rich information to easily crawlable text. With text content indexed, your website can rank higher, increasing website traffic.

Advantages of Using Audio Translation Services

Audio translation is significantly more complicated than simple verbatim transcription. In audio translation, the solution analyzes the content and conveys the tone of what is being said in the target language, which involves far more thought than a literal translation.

Here are some advantages of using audio translation services.

1. Cost-Effective

Translation enables multinational enterprises to engage previously inaccessible potential investors. No lengthy stages are required, and the process is relatively swift. Therefore, it exceeds the human limitations of translation, such as capacity and time. A close deadline or an increase in the number of translations may frustrate the freelance translator, affecting the translation's quality.

A professional translator generally charges 20 cents/word for a daily output of 2000 words. This might exceed the budget for corporations. Since the price is not tied to the total quantity of translated words, audio translator software is the best option.

2. Improves Engagement with Foreign Customers

Businesses can attract new prospective clients by localizing their goods and services to the chosen region or country. Companies can demonstrate their devotion to an international audience by providing websites in the local language. Such care will help clients feel more at ease, respected, and secure when doing business with the organization.

Another solution that can help improve client relationships is CRM software. These CRM software examples boost incoming leads, allowing your marketing team to find new clients quickly. By incorporating client data into your CRM system, contact center personnel can satisfy customers' demands more engagingly, efficiently, and productively.

3. Lowers Liability and Copyright Breach

Businesses can attract new prospective clients by localizing their goods and services to the intended region or country. Companies can also demonstrate their engagement with an international audience by providing websites and products in the local language. Such care will help clients feel more at ease, respected, and secure when doing business with the organization.

4. Overcoming Language Barriers

Language barriers can be efficiently broken by using audio translation software. Anyone wishing to grow their user base, web traffic, or business must be able to make their online material become generally understood and attract a bigger audience using audio translation services.

5. Understands Complex and Specialized Language

If the audio is about a complex issue, such as health, engineering, law or, with specialized terminologies that ordinary individuals are unfamiliar with, the translation software already has backup data with all such details.

Because of the availability of resources, and translation tool, it is possible to utilize technical terms when, for example, a physician needs to describe the causes of an disease to a patient who does not know medical lingo, let alone is not knowledgeable in the doctor's native language.

Improve Client Engagement with Audio Translation Software

Audio transcription software provides undervalued advantages. They simplify and detail record-keeping, research, note-taking, and organization. These advantages are provided by transcription solutions, which eliminate the need to spend hours meticulously transcribing extensive segments of audio or video.

However, audio translation services are becoming increasingly important in today's globalized society, as more audio is utilized for entertainment, training, and e-Learning. As a result, having a reliable audio translation tool is essential for making your work stand out.