REKK | Cloud-based call recording solution

Сall recording on iPhone and Android Phones without an app

Record phone calls without a special application on any device


REKK records phone calls by creating a conference between you, the other party
  • Call REKK service number. Tap “Add+” on the call screen and select the person you’re going to call from the list of your Contacts.
  • When the call is accepted, tap “Merge calls”.
  • After the call, log in to your online account and tap “Recordings” to listen to your calls.


  • Call recording without an app

    Recording of all incoming and outgoing phone calls without any special application.
  • Access to your records from any device

    The cloud-based call recording solution lets you listen to the recorded calls from any device via your online account.
  • Convenient navigation

    REKK offers a smart player and lets you save recorded calls to any device.
  • User-friendly interface

    It’s very easy to start recording phone calls with REKK and to share the recorded calls on social networks.


  • Compatibility with all operating systems

    Since REKK is a cloud-based solution, you can record calls and listen to them from any device connected to the Internet.
  • Quick sign-up

    To start recording phone calls with cloud-based REKK, there’s no need to install any special software on your device. Simply sign up in REKK and record your first call with ease.
  • Easy to use

    REKK offers a step-by-step manual with screenshots showing you how to record incoming and outgoing calls, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use our cloud-based solution.
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